Mg Mivela

We are proud to present you a new member of our family!

The new brand in our range of high-quality products is Mg Mivela!

The functional water Mg Mivela is the only natural mineral water without additives. Mg Mivela is functional thanks to its original, natural composition, while in other water functionality is achieved by adding active ingredients.

It is natural magnesium in a hydrogen carbonate form which is easily used by the organism because it is absorbed into the bloodstream from the small intestine and which in 1 L meets the daily needs of this important mineral, that puts Mg Mivela water into the top of functional waters. Mg Mivela is pumped from deep layers of soil, where water in contact with rocks dissolves minerals, whose specific ratio and quantity give Mg Mivela a unique composition. Precisely because of this composition and the mutual relationship of electrolytes dissolved in Mg Mivela water, their individual quantity and their total number, Mg Mivela is not ordinary mineral water, that is, it is distiguished from all other sources in the world.

The specialty of the Mg of the Water is also that which comes in two carbonates – carbonated and mildly carbonated, and now as non-carbonated water. Mg Mivela, thanks to its natural magnesium, became part of the world elite and became one of the most important bottled water competitions in the world. Do something good for your health and find your daily dose of magnesium in Mg Mivela water!

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