We are proud to present a new member of our family! With a tradition of 75 years, the company Dijamant Inc is the largest producer of edible oils and the leading producer of margarine, vegetable fat, mayonnaise and delicacy products based on mayonnaise in Serbia, now also in our offer. We only choose the best […]

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Recognition: The best company to work for

Consulting firm “Blue Coach”, has once again conducted a survey on the best company to work for in Montenegro .Our company has won awards for “Best company to work for”, or the company with the best relationships and business atmosphere in the category of medium-sized companies . And now are available in our country as […]

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Adriatic Queen

A new brand in our market! Sardina Ltd. with over 100 years of existence, is involved in the capture, processing and preserving fish. One of the most modern fish processing plant in Europe that produces a natural, healthy and high-quality fish products at the largest environmental standards .As a leader in the regional market, its […]

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